• Environmental Portraiture
    Your sitting can be at your own home or at any other location of your choice. ie. a local park, woods or beach may be the ideal location for your family’s portrait. If choosing an outside location, we will usually make a couple of dates available for the sitting to allow for weather conditions.

Your Session

Talk about any particular ideas or images you would like me to capture and I will accommodate these wherever possible in order to make your session personal to you. A few extra suggestions to help you get the most out of your session:

(1) Think about any personal items, e.g. a favourite toy, musical instrument or special outfit that you would like to include.
(2) Babies: Be prepared for Mum and/or Dad to take part in order to get those extra special shots and add extra variation to the images.

What to Wear

Feeling comfortable in what you are wearing will have an influence on how you look in your portrait.  So make sure you feel good in the clothes you choose.
Babies: In terms of clothing, it is best for your baby to be unclothed in order to capture natural black and white shots, however if you do have an outfit in mind that you would like to include then please feel free to have that prepared and I can incorporate it into the shoot.

Families/Groups: Wear similar tones.  If everyone is in dark tones apart from 1 person in light tones, that person will stand out.

For more on what to wear take a look at our blog page here


At the end of your session we will arrange a convenient time for you to return for your personal viewing appointment so please bring your diary.
Any additional family members are always welcome to view with you.

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