About Us

Jennie has been a professional photographer for over 25years and her passion is photographing people.  Jennie began her photographic career in 1986 and started her own business in 1997.  “I love to take landscape and nature shots but my real passion is photographing people.  I first picked up a camera at about the age of 8 and I still have that camera and the first roll of film I shot.  There were only 10 shots on it and I was quite surprised recently to realise that apart for the last shot which I only took because I couldn’t wait to get the film developed, every shot had a person (mostly long-suffering family members) or our family dog in them.  Capturing people in a relaxed and natural way is what I love to do.”
Jennie’s nephew Matthew is her assistant and second photographer on weddings.  “We have worked together for the last 10 years and shoot together very well.  Matt is very skilled at getting shots of the couple they are not aware of and therefore very relaxed.  Shooting together means we can cover a wedding without interrupting the flow of the day so you get the time to celebrate with the people that mean the most to you.”  Enjoy browsing through our work in the portfolios on this site.